Battle of the zombies: In The Flesh versus The Cured

I LOVE zombie films. This might come as a slight surprise because I normally leave the horror reviews to Dan. I can’t get through most scary movies without hiding behind the sofa and then having nightmares for weeks.

But there is just something about shuffling, brains-hungry, undead monsters which really works for me, as a movie concept. This may well have something to do with In The Flesh.

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Doom (2005) – Review

doom.jpgA research facility on Mars sends out a distress signal, and the Rapid Response team is scrambled to deal with the threat – whatever it is. Sensitive data must be recovered, the cause of the problem must be found, and nothing dangerous can be allowed to breach the quarantine and return to Earth.

The team of hardened marines have to deal with mutated monsters, ruthless scientists, and their own interpersonal dynamics in order to survive. It’s not easy, and they have to shoot things a lot.


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Wolfenstein: The Old Blood (Review)

headerWolfenstein: The Old Blood is the third game about occult Nazis I have played in recent weeks, and I am showing no signs of wanting to play anything else. This game is a remake, in the broadest sense of the term, of Return to Castle Wolfenstein, and is mechanically very similar to Wolfenstein: The New Order. I must admit to some trepidation when starting it, as I worried that it would just be a sub-par rehash of the aforementioned two games.  Continue reading “Wolfenstein: The Old Blood (Review)”

Lesbian Zombies from Outer Space (Review)

Cover-1“Trust me – it’s not porn.”

That’s a line – the most memorable line – from a review request I received. It’s not a common line in review requests; off-hand, I can’t think of anything I’ve reviewed, or even read, that the author felt needed the same disclaimer. Given the title, and the cover, and the concept, and the characters though, I do understand.

After a glowing green meteor crashes down into the woods outside of town, lesbian zombies start seducing women and devouring men. I know that sounds ridiculous. It’s up to a lesbian-obsessed loser and a practical lesbian (not a zombie one) to save the day. I know that sounds ridiculous as well.
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World War Z (2013) – Review

World War ZThe first, albeit minor, issue I have with World War Z is pronunciation. Is it okay to  say the letter the British way? Will Americans react with anger? Is the fact that it sounds like “World War 3” when said the American way deliberate? I shall just write about it, and never say the name.

 There’s a virus. It turns people into zombies. No one knows where it started, but it’s everywhere, and spreading rapidly – nowhere in the world is safe. Brad Pittp plays a retired investigator for the UN who gets caught up in it all. He’s tasked with tracking down the source, and finding a cure, and has to balance this with his desire to protect his family.  Continue reading “World War Z (2013) – Review”

Gallowwalkers (Review)

gallowwalkersThis film has so many things about it that I love: it is a Western, with dark fantasy elements. It’s about monster hunting. It has Wesley Snipes being taciturn and awesome. I got very excited about it.

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State of Decay

State of DecayBefore actually reviewing State of Decay on its own merits, I should mention that I bought it in error; I thought it was a different game. Since I first heard of the concept, I’ve been interested in Dead State, a game that was meant to be a zombie-survival management game, like a more complicated version of Rebuild, with XCOM-esque turn-based combat.

That game promised to neatly tick every box for what I look for in a game – in-depth management, deep and complex tactics, taking XCOM (one of the greatest games ever made) as an inspiration. Naturally, I was interested, and kept myself vaguely aware of its progress.

But life has been busy recently – Dead State fell off my radar, until I saw it on Steam the other day. I was pleased to see that this long awaited game had been published, and bought it immediately.

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