Dead Witch Walking – Kim Harrison (Review)


It took me a long time to get round to reading Dead Witch Walking. The book gets a lot of praise, but it was first mentioned to me as “urban fantasy about killer tomatoes,” and that description did nothing for me. It sounded like comic fantasy, and the list of authors who can manage to do that well is extremely short.

Dead Witch Walking is not comic fantasy, and killer tomatoes don’t really feature. Instead, a weaponised virus used tomatoes as a carrier, eventually wiping out a significant proportion of the human population. In the aftermath of this tragedy, vampires/witches/et cetera revealed themselves to humanity. The book takes place long after this, in a post-masquerade world where monsters are feared but accepted as part of reality.

Rachel Morgan is tired of dealing with bad assignments and unreasonable orders. For years, she’s been an employee of Inderland Security, tasked with solving supernatural problems – rogue vampires, black magic, that sort of thing. Now she’s ready to strike out on her own.

Life outside the I.S. isn’t easy though. With only a pixie and a vampire as backup, Rachel has to find steady work and stay alive, all the while dealing with demons, drug lords, and an agency that really doesn’t like people breaking their contracts.    Continue reading “Dead Witch Walking – Kim Harrison (Review)”

Way of the Vampire (Review)

Way of the Vampire

Every year, Amazon offers me a trial month of Prime in December, which is awfully nice of them. It makes ordering Christmas presents to the other end of the country much more convenient, and allows me to forget about Christmas shopping until it is too late.

This year, I realised that Prime isn’t just about being sent things faster – it also comes with access to all sorts of films, streaming free from Amazon. Way of the Vampire is one such film. It came up in my recommendations, and idly decided to watch it.

Van Helsing, as expected, fights vampires. He manages to kill Dracula, but another vampire kills his wife in return. Grief-stricken, he makes a deal with God and gains immortality with which to hunt down and eradicate vampires. The film then jumps to the future, as he searches for the vampire who killed his wife.  Continue reading “Way of the Vampire (Review)”