Invisible Inc. – Full Release (Review)

Invisible Inc.I’ve written about Invisible Inc. before. At the time, I said it was playable, interesting, and very polished for an early access game.

Yesterday, Invisible Inc. stopped being an Early Access game, joining the sparse ranks of Early Access games that actually got anywhere. Theoretically, at this point, Invisible Inc. should be totally polished and complete. Continue reading “Invisible Inc. – Full Release (Review)”

Steambirds – The Tragedy of Sequels

Amidst the dross of online games, you occasionally find a gem. A game that isn’t half-finished, or shallow, or just a vehicle for ads. A game that is actually playable, one that presents you with interesting problems and doesn’t just allow you to click away your time. So many online games are half-finished amateurish messes, or color-shifted rehashes of concepts that were tired decades ago. I find it’s rare to come across a game that is worth the time.

Steambirds is such a game – a shining needle in a dirty haystack. Set in an alternate history version of the world wars, in which steam-powered aircraft battle for control of the skies, the game puts you in command of a small squadron, playing through various dogfights against the encroaching menace of the enemy airforces. Continue reading “Steambirds – The Tragedy of Sequels”

Invisible inc.

Invisible-IncLately, I’ve been playing a somewhat excessive amount of Invisible inc., and I regret none of that time. In essence, it is a beautiful game – everything flows smoothly, with no exposed wires.

Genre-wise, it’s a turn-based stealth game – you operate an agency of Bond-esque spies, with seventy-two hours to prepare for an important mission. Or so I understand; I haven’t made it anywhere close to seventy-two hours yet. The game has a wonderful aesthetic, combining 007 with more modern espionage tropes, in a manner rather reminiscent of Syndicate. Continue reading “Invisible inc.”