The Iron Druid Chronicles – Books Four to Six

TRICKED-cover-178x300A short while ago, I wrote about the first three books in Kevin Hearne’s Iron Druid Chronicles. Now I’ve finished the next three, and am currently reading the seventh – book eight isn’t out yet.

The main character (Atticus) is still a druid, still caught up in events he only half-understands, still trying to balance survival with his obligations. He has roughly the same supporting cast of characters too – though some have died and some have changed and some are added in the later books. The series is still recognizably the same, with the same hallmarks – it annoys me slightly when a long series shifts over time, and you end up reading something that should by rights be a new idea. But this series doesn’t do that – if you liked the first three, you’ll like the second. They’re just as tense, just as exciting, and just as filled with druids, dogs, and deities.  Continue reading “The Iron Druid Chronicles – Books Four to Six”