Total War: Warhammer (Review)

total warFor as long as there have been people with disturbingly intense stares, there have been calls for a Total War game set in the Warhammer universe. It makes sense – they are both (on computers and tables respectively) games of tactics, controlling massive armies in battle. Moreover, they’re both the top of their respective mediums – Games Workshop’s Warhammer is the preeminent tabletop strategy game, and the Total War series is one of the better regarded strategy franchises.  Continue reading “Total War: Warhammer (Review)”

Total War: Warhammer

This announcement trailer came out recently and made a lot of people very happy, myself included. For many years, fans of both the Total War games and Warhammer have been suggesting a collaboration, and now it is on the horizon. There will be no more need for it to turn up on countless forum threads titled “What game do you wish existed”, or for modders to cobble together a pallid copy of their dream. Total War: Warhammer is actually going to exist.  Continue reading “Total War: Warhammer”