The Deep Range – Arthur C. Clarke (Review)

tdr1After an accident in space left deep scars on his psyche, Walter Franklin retrains as a warden, one of the herders protecting and tending to the whales that form a large proportion of Earth’s food supply. Though space is forever denied to him, he finds new purpose exploring an equally strange and bewitching environment.

The Deep Range is set on a relatively near-future Earth. Humanity has control of the upper levels of the ocean, using the life within it to feed the planet. But there are always still secrets, dangers, and strange creatures down in the deeps. Continue reading “The Deep Range – Arthur C. Clarke (Review)”

Thresher – Michael Cole (Review)

thresher.pngSome things just naturally belong together: horses and carriages, swallows and summer, quiet seaside towns that need a lucrative tourist season and giant shark attacks.

The peaceful seaside town of Merit is about to host a sailing competition. There’s a lot of opportunity for profit, and the acting mayor has decreed that nothing must go wrong. Unfortunately, there’s something in the water.

A rookie cop gets partnered with an alcoholic veteran; a marine biologist makes the find of his career; an acting Mayor ignores the truth. And beneath the waves, something hunts. Something vast and merciless and hungry. Continue reading “Thresher – Michael Cole (Review)”

Hotel Megalodon – Rick Chesler (Review)

Hotel MegalodonHotel Megalodon is one of the many books about Carcharadon Megalodon, a massive and extinct relative of today’s Great White Shark. It follows roughly the same plot as other megalodon books – a prehistoric monster causes havoc while characters learn that mankind’s dominance over nature is a fragile thing.

This books differentiating factor is the setting. Hotel Megalodon takes place in and around an experimental underwater hotel. On the day of the grand opening, celebrities and the super-rich arrive to enjoy the glories of the underwater restaurants and luxury suites.

But the construction of the hotel has awoken something in the depths of the ocean. Something angry and hungry. The hotel’s guests and staff find themselves trapped underwater by poor safety standards and a long-extinct apex predator.

Continue reading “Hotel Megalodon – Rick Chesler (Review)”

Below – Ryan Lockwood (Review)

Below Ryan LockwoodOff the coast of California, people start going missing. A group of migrants fail to make their rendezvous; a girl is dragged into the water by something on the end of her fishing line. Divers go down, but don’t resurface.

Will Sturman, an alcoholic widowed diver, finds himself involved, joining the investigation into exactly what is happening and how to stop it. Working with a cop and a marine biologist, Sturman comes face to face with the terrors of the deep. Continue reading “Below – Ryan Lockwood (Review)”