The Witcher (2007) – Review

The_Witcher_EU_box.jpgWitchers are mutants – monsters created to defend normal people from worse monsters. They take dangerous jobs for little pay and less thanks. Geralt of Rivia is the most famous of witchers, but he doesn’t know that – he’s forgotten all of his pasts and all of his monster-hunting knowledge.

You take on the role of Geralt as he struggles to recover his memories, do witcher work, and navigate the complex politics of a kingdom riven by sectarian and inter-species conflict. Continue reading “The Witcher (2007) – Review”

The Trouble with GTA IV

GTA IVI haven’t played Grand Theft Auto V yet. That’s due to several reasons – the late arrival of the PC port meant that I forgot about it for quite some time, I’m rather busy, and I still haven’t finished GTA IV.

I loved the game before IV – GTA: San Andreas is a game that I keep installed just to mess around in, one of the few games that I’m perfectly content driving around in aimlessly. But GTA IV leaves me cold; I’ve tried to complete it several times, each time losing interest and eventually giving up.

I re-installed it again recently, thinking that I would finally complete it before getting the next iteration. So far, I haven’t managed to finish it, but I have worked out why I’ve been struggling to maintain interest in the game. The reason is simple: GTA IV isn’t very fun.   Continue reading “The Trouble with GTA IV”

State of Decay

State of DecayBefore actually reviewing State of Decay on its own merits, I should mention that I bought it in error; I thought it was a different game. Since I first heard of the concept, I’ve been interested in Dead State, a game that was meant to be a zombie-survival management game, like a more complicated version of Rebuild, with XCOM-esque turn-based combat.

That game promised to neatly tick every box for what I look for in a game – in-depth management, deep and complex tactics, taking XCOM (one of the greatest games ever made) as an inspiration. Naturally, I was interested, and kept myself vaguely aware of its progress.

But life has been busy recently – Dead State fell off my radar, until I saw it on Steam the other day. I was pleased to see that this long awaited game had been published, and bought it immediately.

Shortly afterwards, I realised my error – what I had bought was actually a different game in which you managed a group of survivors building a base whilst fighting of zombies and dealing with other survivors. Continue reading “State of Decay”