Eagles at War – Ben Kane (Review)

EaWEagles at War tells the story of  the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest. Given that it’s one of the most famous military upsets in all of recorded history, I don’t think I’m giving away any plot twists here if I talk about it. I don’t think many people read historical fiction in a state of surprise. Three Roman legions march into Germany under the command of Quintillius Varus. They all die.  Continue reading “Eagles at War – Ben Kane (Review)”

Under the Eagle – Simon Scarrow (Review)

Under The Eagle - Simon ScarrowI’ve been meaning to read Simon Scarrow for a while. Fiction set in the Roman Empire is a favourite of mine, ever since I first read The Eagle of the Ninth. Simon Scarrow’s books sat on the shelves in bookstores glossily, promising to be exactly the sort of book I love; there’s something about that Empire, the contradictions and complexities of the ideas, that I find very appealing. Continue reading “Under the Eagle – Simon Scarrow (Review)”