The Innocent Wife – Amy Lloyd (Review)

32187685Dennis Danson is a killer. A cruel, sadistic monster who needs to be locked away. He’s in prison for the murder of one girl, and everyone knows he killed several others. Everyone except Samantha.

Samantha (Sam) knows he’s innocent. He’s kind, and caring and understanding; there’s no way he could be the monster that everyone thinks he is. She writes him letter after letter, falling in love and feeling secure for the first time. When he proposes, she travels to America to marry him in prison. They never touch.
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The Doll House – Phoebe Morgan (Review)

5168zmN6fdLCorinne is fragile. Her father’s death hit her hard, and repeated attempts to get pregnant have trapped her in a cycle of tentative hope followed by crushing disappointment. Sometimes the world is all too much to cope with.

When strange things start happening, no one really takes her seriously. She’s just highly-strung, over-anxious. Little worrying signs that Corinne sees as part of a larger, menacing pattern seem like coincidence to everyone else.

Is Corinne being stalked by someone unknown and malevolent, or is her mind creating monsters out of nothing?
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Exam (2009) – Review

ExamLately, I’ve been watching a lot of films set within a locked room. That’s not the same thing, I should clarify, as a locked room mystery, in which characters have to solve a seemingly impossible murder. These films start with everyone alive.

The premise is simple and frequently used. A group of strangers wake up in a room/mansion/mechanical cube, and have to find a way out. There’s generally a time limit, or something else piling on the pressure – traps, further instructions, et cetera. The pressure builds and builds throughout the film as they slowly get picked off (by death, or, less commonly, quitting), until there are only a few desperate, crazed people scrabbling at the walls.

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