Deadly Spells – Jaye Wells (Review)

Deadly Spells - Jaye WellsDeadly Spells is the third book in the Prospero’s War series. I wrote about the first two here and here. After the second review, the author responded to me on Twitter, which threw me for a loop; It surprises me when anyone at all reads what I write, let alone the writers I write about. I feel that they have much better things to do with their time.

Kate Prospero is a cop involved in a drug war, and the drug of choice is dirty, addictive, dangerous magic. As a member of the MEA, she investigates magic-related crimes in the city of Babylon. A cartel boss is dead, and a war between rival gangs looks set to tear the city apart. In order to find the killer before open warfare breaks out, Kate has to confront the various demons and darker sections of her past, as well as deal with the attention of an investigative reporter and the newly-elected mayor. Continue reading “Deadly Spells – Jaye Wells (Review)”

Dirty Magic – Jaye Wells (Review)

Dirty Magic Jaye Wells

Kate Prospero is a former gang member turned cop, walking the beat in the worst part of Babylon. The Cauldron is an area filled with dirty magic users, potion addicts and other outcasts from normal society.

Discovering a crime committed by someone on a new, highly dangerous kind of potion catapults Prospero into the murky depths of a conspiracy, secondment to the MEA (Magic Enforcement Agency), and life-threatening situations. Continue reading “Dirty Magic – Jaye Wells (Review)”