Daring – Elliott James (Review)

Daring Elliott JamesDaring is the second book in the Pax Arcana series. I wrote about the first one here. Most of what I said then applies to this book too, so this post will focus more on the differences between them than standing as a full review on its own.

The basic concept is quickly explained – John Charming (a descendant of the inspiration for various Prince Charmings) is a monster hunter. He would rather be left alone by everyone, but that doesn’t happen. Continue reading “Daring – Elliott James (Review)”

Charming – Elliott James (Review)

Charming Pax ArcanaJohn Charming works in a bar. He’s an exiled member of the Knights Templar. He might also be a werewolf, but no one is sure.

The Pax Arcana series takes place in a world where magic exists and always has done. From vampires to Valkyries, monsters and supernatural beings have lived alongside mankind forever. As is so often the case with urban fantasy though, nobody knows. Continue reading “Charming – Elliott James (Review)”