Top Ten Tuesday – Monsters that it is difficult to be angry with

Top Ten Tuesday“Top Ten Tuesday” is a feature started by “The Broke and the Bookish“, in which people list their top ten books that match some given criterion. It changes every week, and happens on a Tuesday. Lots (a frankly ridiculous number) of bloggers take part.

This week, the theme is Halloween, without further elaboration. In the spirit of that then, I’ve chosen to list monsters who it is difficult to actually be angry with, regardless of what they do. Continue reading “Top Ten Tuesday – Monsters that it is difficult to be angry with”

The Black: A Deep Sea Thriller – Paul E. Cooley

The Black, Paul E. Cooley

A state of the art oil rig is about to begin exploratory drilling. Surveys suggest that far below the ocean surface lies a vast, untapped reservoir of crude oil. This is set to be an immensely successful, fortune-making expedition.

The Black (we’ll dispense with the subtitle – it is a generic creature-feature tagline) starts in the standard way: everything is fine. There are a few small tensions between crew members, but work is progressing according to plan. Then, as they bore the first well, things start to go wrong. Surveys show anomalies, drilling is somehow too easy, the oil produced is almost miraculously clear – at least of the usual contaminants.

Something is stirring in the dark waters. Continue reading “The Black: A Deep Sea Thriller – Paul E. Cooley”