A Hell of an Innocent – Zidrou (Review)


Twenty-seven years ago, in a sleepy outback town, Lee Duncan was savagely murdered. Everyone knows who did it – her husband Greg.

For decades, he’s been a wanted man. But when his brother makes a deathbed confession to the killing, Greg has to return to his hometown and face the people who have always believed him to be a murderer.

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Revival (Review)

Revival ComicMy view of Revival is coloured, unfortunately, by what I thought it was before reading it. Based on a single sentence blurb and the cover, I assumed that this was a book about an absent death and a human replacement – the sort of story that I am all about. This was not an accurate assumption.

That’s not a mark against it – stories are allowed to be other than I first assume. Further, I’ve only read Volume One so far, and it is possible that the idea (heavily suggested by the cover) will come through. It just means that my criticisms in this instance should be seen through a lens of slight disappointment.  Continue reading “Revival (Review)”

Bone Song – John Meaney (Review)

Bone Song John MeaneyIt’s been a while since I’ve read sci-fi, and Bone Song isn’t even really sci-fi: it’s a strange cross between Noir crime fiction, dark fantasy, and science fiction, all rolled into one.

Donal Riordan is a cop in Tristopolis, a city powered by the suffering of the dead. Tasked with protecting an opera singer from having her bones harvested for their dreams, Donal uncovers the edges of a vast conspiracy that affects all levels of Tristopolis’ government. Continue reading “Bone Song – John Meaney (Review)”