Ant-man (2015) – Review


I love superhero movies, but they can get a little dull. There’s a clear formula, and film after film follows the same pattern – the same archetypes play out the same moves again and again, with the only changes being the specific powers and threats to humanity.

Ant-man, while not a total departure from the formula, does play around with it a little. Enough is changed that it feel fresh, enough is kept that it still provides the experience viewers are expecting from a Marvel film. The trailer is below.

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Cherry Falls (2000) – Review

Cherry FallsHorror tends to involve more old-fashioned social attitudes than other genres. Promiscuous people get murdered. People, in fact, who contravene any one of countless social rules – neglectful mothers, disobedient children, arrogant bosses – end up dead, occasionally in ironic ways.

Cherry Falls takes that trope and the idea of subtlety, then throws them both away. Cherry Falls is the only horror film I can recall with a rabidly pro-sex message.  Continue reading “Cherry Falls (2000) – Review”

Legion (2010) – Review

Legion 2010

Legion is a film with a terrible reputation – overwhelmingly, reviews were rather negative. As a result, my expectations were not high.

I decided to watch it anyway, for two reasons – firstly, it has Paul Bettany in it, an actor compelling enough to make Wimbledon entertaining. Secondly, I adore dark fantasy films, particularly ones with ridiculous weaponry and conflicts. I will watch anything with repeating crossbows and pious-yet-pithy one liners.

Legion, directed by Scott Stewart, flips the script slightly on the general formula. Unlike other films in the same genre, humanity is not under attack by vampires. Nor yet werewolves, or zombies, or demons. Instead, mankind is under assault by the heavenly hosts. Continue reading “Legion (2010) – Review”