Feed – Michael Bray (Review)

51+6gbKFBqLThe dive bars of Australia are filled with unlikely and unverified rumours. Rumours of an area where ships go mysteriously missing. Rumours of sunken wrecks and scattered bars of shining gold. Rumours – the most ridiculous and unbelievable of all, of a vast dark shape gliding through the water, territorial and shockingly violent.

Tyler Matthews is an alcoholic with an ex-wife and a rapidly shrinking bank account. A scarred stranger, met in yet another bar, offers him a chance at solving the third of those issues. All he has to do is retrieve a possibly-mythical fortune while avoiding an almost-certainly mythical prehistoric shark.

Feed is a story of treasure hunting, redemption, and man-eating marine fauna. It’s also a story about cannibalism, desperation, and exactly how far people will go to survive.
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From the Deep – Michael Bray (Review)

From the Deep

Whales are beaching in unprecedented numbers, fleeing from something unknown. Carcasses with bite marks from a massive predator are washing up on shores. Fishermen and tourists are going missing, swallowed up without a trace.

At first, there are only rumours, unconfirmed sightings that suggest a creature no one has encountered before. Driven by different motivations, several different groups set out to find the monster while its appetite for destruction grows. Continue reading “From the Deep – Michael Bray (Review)”