Ladycastle – Delilah Dawson & Ashley A. Woods (Review)

A paradise of green hills and beautiful women; the little town full of bustle and work; the sound of music in the air. And then a man arrives, as they are wont to do, bringing panic and disruption in his wake.

Ladycastle is a graphic novel all about how much trouble men cause: a refreshingly honest take on the classic fairytales. The Disney-style musical number that introduces the characters is a blunt account, in their own words, of how bad things are in the kingdom of men. I’ve got a lot of time for this approach. Continue reading “Ladycastle – Delilah Dawson & Ashley A. Woods (Review)”

The Red Knight – Miles Cameron (Review)

TRKAfter brutal attacks in outlying villages, an Abbess hires a mercenary company, led by the enigmatic Red Knight, to protect the abbey and the people under its protection. What seems, at first, to be a simple hunt for a single creature rapidly escalates into a conflict between powerful armies in a battle for the future of the entire kingdom. Continue reading “The Red Knight – Miles Cameron (Review)”