Law-Abiding Citizen (2009) – Review


After criminals kill his family and the justice system fails him, an inventor (Gerard Butler) starts taking the law into his own hands. Though he’s quickly imprisoned, the killings don’t stop. The prosecutor (Jamie Foxx) who let him down when his family was murdered is the only person who might be able to stop the slaughter.  Continue reading “Law-Abiding Citizen (2009) – Review”

Django Unchained (2012) – Review

DjangoTarantino is a director who, in my opinion, tends to be very hit-and-miss. Reservoir Dogs is fantastic, as are parts of Pulp FictionKill Bill, on the other hand, leaves me cold – it’s meaningless, self-indulgent violence with no redeeming features. At his best, Tarantino is very, very good. At his worse, he seems almost like a parody of himself.

Django Unchained is one of the better ones. It’s not as slick or memorable as Reservoir Dogs, but it’s well-crafted and doesn’t drag. It also manages to explore an interesting society in some interesting ways.

Django Unchained is the story of a freed slave rampaging across the American South. Under the guidance of Dr. King Schultz, a german dentist/bounty hunter, Django learns the skills he needs to free his wife and extract revenge on the people who have wronged him.
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