The Iron Druid Chronicles – Books One to Three.

220px-Hounded_coverOver the past two weeks, I haven’t had much opportunity to read, and what I have been reading has all been the same thing – successive books of Kevin Hearne’s The Iron Druid Chronicles. I’m on book five now, working solidly through them whenever I have a spare moment. It would be deeply repetitive to write about each book separately; each review would mostly just be a repeat of the one before. Instead, I think it makes much more sense to write about the series so far as a whole. Continue reading “The Iron Druid Chronicles – Books One to Three.”

Hounded – Kevin Hearne

I put off readingHounded, Iron Druid, Kevin Hearne these for a while; they seemed to be shoddy rip-offs of Jim Butcher. I don’t mind that particularly – Dresden owes a lot to Constantine and so on – but the “shoddy” bit made me less than enthused. Add to that, druids just seem inherently less interesting than wizards, and I anticipated it being less fire-throwing and more hippy balance magic.

In an unguarded moment last week, bereft of better fiction, I bought Hounded. The books kept showing up in my Amazon queue, and it seemed that the quickest way to get them out of there was to read one and find out if I wanted the next one. Continue reading “Hounded – Kevin Hearne”