The Trouble with GTA IV

GTA IVI haven’t played Grand Theft Auto V yet. That’s due to several reasons – the late arrival of the PC port meant that I forgot about it for quite some time, I’m rather busy, and I still haven’t finished GTA IV.

I loved the game before IV – GTA: San Andreas is a game that I keep installed just to mess around in, one of the few games that I’m perfectly content driving around in aimlessly. But GTA IV leaves me cold; I’ve tried to complete it several times, each time losing interest and eventually giving up.

I re-installed it again recently, thinking that I would finally complete it before getting the next iteration. So far, I haven’t managed to finish it, but I have worked out why I’ve been struggling to maintain interest in the game. The reason is simple: GTA IV isn’t very fun.   Continue reading “The Trouble with GTA IV”