Nightlife – Rob Thurman (Review)

Nightlife Rob Thurman

Generally, I consider myself to have a reasonably good handle on the urban fantasy scene, but Rob Thurman’s books appear to have been something of a blindspot. I only became aware of them when someone mentioned her (it’s short for “Robyn”) as one of the giants of the genre. I decided to fill in the blindspot by reading Nightlife, the first book (of thirteen, currently) in the “Cal Leandros” series.

I thought they looked interesting from the blurb, which described the main character as part-Grendel. That sounded awesome and atypical; Grendel isn’t one of those monsters that gets much coverage anymore, and I’m rather bored of half-werewolves and vampires and fairies. A book based on less well-known mythology would be welcome. Continue reading “Nightlife – Rob Thurman (Review)”