Doom (2005) – Review

doom.jpgA research facility on Mars sends out a distress signal, and the Rapid Response team is scrambled to deal with the threat – whatever it is. Sensitive data must be recovered, the cause of the problem must be found, and nothing dangerous can be allowed to breach the quarantine and return to Earth.

The team of hardened marines have to deal with mutated monsters, ruthless scientists, and their own interpersonal dynamics in order to survive. It’s not easy, and they have to shoot things a lot.


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Hercules (2014) – Review

HerculesI wasn’t expecting much from Hercules. Films about Greek mythology tend to be distinctly underwhelming things, relying on awkward CGI, strange backstories, and shirtlessness. Disney’s Hercules was pretty much the high point.

I was even less excited when I realised that the titular role was being played by the Rock, Dwayne Johnson. I’ve nothing against the actor in question, and quite like several of his films (though cars don’t really do much for me). However, his casting seemed indicative of exactly the kind of film I didn’t want: dumb, loud, and with little respect for the source material.

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