Ladycastle – Delilah Dawson & Ashley A. Woods (Review)

A paradise of green hills and beautiful women; the little town full of bustle and work; the sound of music in the air. And then a man arrives, as they are wont to do, bringing panic and disruption in his wake.

Ladycastle is a graphic novel all about how much trouble men cause: a refreshingly honest take on the classic fairytales. The Disney-style musical number that introduces the characters is a blunt account, in their own words, of how bad things are in the kingdom of men. I’ve got a lot of time for this approach. Continue reading “Ladycastle – Delilah Dawson & Ashley A. Woods (Review)”

Zootropolis (2016) – Review

ZOOTROPOLIS_TEASER_UKHundreds of years ago, mammals overcame their instincts. Predators and prey stopped feeding on and fleeing from each other (respectively), and started working together. Now, Zootropolis is the centre of a new world, in which mammals of all dietary preferences live and work together in harmony.

Judy Hopps is a rabbit with a dream. In a civilisation founded on (in theory) the principle that no one is limited by their biology, she wants to be a cop. The police of Zootropolis tend to be predators, or very large – bison, rhinos, elephants. A bunny doesn’t really fit in.

She has to deal with prejudice, gruelling physical trials, and disillusionment as she works to track down a missing otter. Her only (reluctant) ally is a small-time fox criminal who would much rather be anywhere else. It’s the perfect set-up for a buddy cop film. Just with animals. Continue reading “Zootropolis (2016) – Review”


Brave-Merida-PosterBrave was a film that I initially got very excited about. It promised to be a Disney/Pixar film with a non-passive princess: one who genuinely did all of her own stunts, solved her own problems without waiting for a handsome prince.

There have been, obviously, Disney princesses who were more than simply damsels in distress – Mulan is a particularly noticeable example. Yet her story, while being an awful lot more progressive than Snow White, still has a man as a central focus – much of what Mulan does is to impress Li Shang, and he is her reward at the end. It also bears mentioning that Mulan is about a woman trying to prove that she is as good as a son, which, whilst a positive conclusion, shouldn’t count as a progressive idea.

So I was very interested in Brave, and its protagonist Merida. All the posters showed her armed and alone, not needing to rely on anyone else. Naturally, given my interest, I promptly forgot about it for a couple of years and only watched it at the very end of 2014.  Continue reading “Brave”



Frozen seems to be everywhere. Just about everyone I know has been rhapsodizing about it for ages, and as Christmas gets closer, it seems like there’s barely been a day when someone hasn’t mentioned it or started singing “Let it Go”. And so, eventually giving in to the mass pressure of popular opinion, I watched Frozen. Continue reading “Frozen”