Daniel Faust (Books Two to Four) – Craig Schaefer (Review)

Redemption SongI read the first of this series only recently, and thought it was okay. The next day, I blazed my way though the next three, getting more engaged with each one, so that first judgement may have been overly cautious.

Because I read them all in such quick succession, I’m not going to write about each one separately – the series blends into a whole when you read it all at once, and I’d undoubtedly end up repeating myself a lot or getting some events the wrong way round. Instead, let this serve as a review of the entire series. Continue reading “Daniel Faust (Books Two to Four) – Craig Schaefer (Review)”

The Long Way Down – Craig Schaefer (Review)

Craig Schaefer The Long Way DownThe Long Way Down is the first book in a series about Daniel Faust, a sorceror in Las Vegas. He’s a weary, somewhat bitter man trying to survive in a hostile world. Schaefer gives us another addition to the throng of bitter wizards with dark pasts who have to make tough choices currently populating the urban fantasy genre. Continue reading “The Long Way Down – Craig Schaefer (Review)”