Tough Travels – Assassins

Tough TravellingEvery month, Fantasy Faction runs a feature where they seek out examples of fantasy tropes. Other bloggers are welcome to join in, finding their own books to match the given topic. This week’s topic is assassins:

Assassins are ubiquitous throughout fantasyland. Sharp-eyed readers (or even dull-eyed ones) will notice that their hooded forms often adorn book covers, and that they frequently appear – rather improbably – not to mind being the sole focus of our attention. Whether they’re spotlight hogs or camera-shy and brooding, most assassins will have trained for years and are very, VERY good at their job (i.e. killing people for money).

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Top Ten Tuesday: Characters I would Eject from a Moving Vehicle.

Top Ten Tuesday“Top Ten Tuesday” is a feature started by “The Broke and the Bookish“, in which people list their top ten books that match some given criterion. It changes every week, and happens on a Tuesday. Lots (a frankly ridiculous number) of bloggers take part.

This week is theme-free, meaning that you can write about any topic you like. Technically, the topic you choose is meant to relate in some way to Thanksgiving, but that’s never been a holiday I’ve celebrated, and I couldn’t think of anything relevant that struck me as interesting.

So I have chosen a topic that has nothing to do with thankfulness, and everything to do with petty spite: the top ten characters I would eject from a moving vehicle.  Continue reading “Top Ten Tuesday: Characters I would Eject from a Moving Vehicle.”