Return to Castle Wolfenstein (2001) – Review


Lately, I have been feeling nostalgic and desirous of black-and-white morality. Naturally, I have gravitated towards media involving occult Nazis.

Occult Nazis have a long and storied history as enemies in video games, and the Wolfenstein series is definitely at the forefront of that. Not having played the series before, I went back to the first one that could be described as vaguely modern: Return to Castle Wolfenstein.
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Lesbian Zombies from Outer Space (Review)

Cover-1“Trust me – it’s not porn.”

That’s a line – the most memorable line – from a review request I received. It’s not a common line in review requests; off-hand, I can’t think of anything I’ve reviewed, or even read, that the author felt needed the same disclaimer. Given the title, and the cover, and the concept, and the characters though, I do understand.

After a glowing green meteor crashes down into the woods outside of town, lesbian zombies start seducing women and devouring men. I know that sounds ridiculous. It’s up to a lesbian-obsessed loser and a practical lesbian (not a zombie one) to save the day. I know that sounds ridiculous as well.
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Nurse (2013) – Review


I did not watch Nurse because I heard it was good. In fact, rather the opposite. Only 29% of audience reviews on Rotten Tomatoes liked it. It has a 4.6/10 rating on IMDB. I watched Nurse because, at the time, it seemed like exactly the sort of thing I wanted – entertaining trash.

I have a weakness for bad horror films, the ones with characters who always make the worst decisions, the ones with clearly rubber monsters. I like cheering for the killer, calling each twist well before it happens, being amazed by the incredible dialogue.

So I sat down to watch a terrible film, one that I could enjoy without feeling anything or thinking anything, one where every kind of excess would be the hallmark. Nurse was mostly exactly what I expected. Continue reading “Nurse (2013) – Review”