Review Policy

We’re always looking for more books to read, with no restrictions on genre. We’re also excited by other mediums, so if you’ve got a game or a film or anything else that needs reviewing, please do reach out; for simplicity’s sake, we’ve used the word “book” throughout the rest of this article, but just mentally replace that with your noun of choice.

We have no issue at all with reviewing self-published books.

If you would like us to review your book, email us at You can address the email to “Inconsistent Pacing”, but if you think your book would be a particularly good fit for one of our reviewers, please do mention that or address your email to them directly. The key things to include in your email are the title of the book and a blurb – that’s what we look for first.

Given the number of requests we receive, and the speed at which we read, we’re afraid we can’t respond to every email. We will email if we need more details, or to tell you that a review is done. It takes us a while to read and review things, as we always have a backlog of books, so please be patient.

We can’t guarantee that we will actually review your book, but we will definitely consider it seriously. If we don’t think we’ll enjoy it from the off, then there’s little point in us sharing our thoughts. We also won’t guarantee niceness – We won’t be pointlessly mean, but we will be honest and sometimes that won’t be positive.