Love Lettering – Kate Clayborn (Review)

After years of working on wedding invitations and stationary, Meg Mackworth’s hand-lettering business is just taking off when a former groom, Reid Sutherland, reappears. Demanding to know how she knew his relationship was doomed to failure, and why she hid a message stating just that in the very programme for his wedding, Reid wants answers before he leaves New York for good.

Having explained her ability to read signs and weave them into her work, Meg and Reid begin a journey of finding art around New York and its many signs, both of them finding personal and professional inspiration along the way. But are the signs really there in this book, or does the writing on the wall need some proof-reading?

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The Binding – Bridget Collins (Review)

‘Imagine you could hide a secret. Forever.’

Set in an alternate past in which the binding of books is a magical process, people have their most traumatic memories erased and bound into books.

I have to admit, I initially wanted to read The Binding mainly because I kept seeing the gorgeous cover in the bookshop where I used to work and I coveted it, which feels quite appropriate. Having read it, I really don’t know what genre I would peg The Binding as being.

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